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In Praise of the Farm Garden

The feeling Rob and I shared was a deep emotion for the farm garden, its originality, its intense connection with the soil, the paths neatly raked over between rows of heads of lettuce, the loving care that preceeds the harvest.

Bright colours, no trends, no susceptibility to fashion, the feeling for what is essential. That was what I recognized in Rob, it was the spark that flew at our first meeting. These were the ideas Rob was able to put across in his lectures, his writings and in many a conversation, in an impassioned manner.

This photo was made when we visited the farm garden of Naantje Leyten at Chaam, Noord-Brabant in August, 1995, a wonderful example of traditional garden culture.
It is one of my fondest recollections of Rob.

       There is a French saying:
            ‘Qui sème des fleurs, récolte de la tendresse’
            He who sows flowers shall harvest tenderness

Marijke Heuff